Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry had their Multiplier Event

On April 15, 2019, the team of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a multiplier event under the "Report-ASAP: Adoption of Sustainable Accounting Practices for Reporting" project. The event was attended by experts in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, representatives from leading micro, small and medium enterprises and representatives from educational institutions and VET organizations.

After the official opening of the event, the Project coordinator - Irena Ivanova, made an introductory presentation on "What is Sustainable Accounting and why it is defined as an innovative approach to sustainable business" in order for the participants to get familiar with the topic. 

The main part of the event was the presentation of the Report-ASAP project, implemented by a consortium consisting of 7 partners from 6 different European countries. During the presentation were presented the main objectives of the project, the results achieved so far, as well as the follow-up activities during the remaining months of the project implementation. A special focus was put on the opportunity for companies to participate in the Pilot Training, which will cover topics as: Introduction to Sustainability Reporting, Legal Framework and EU Directives on Sustainable Accounting, Economic, Social and Environmental Dimension of Sustainability Accounting, as well as a special module dedicated to the creation of the Sustainability Report. Moreover, the online training platform, as well as the Dynamic Demonstrator, were presented. 

The President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov, presented the Bulgarian Corporate Social Responsibility Network, what are the benefits of the cooperation with it and why we need to be sustainable in order to be successful.

At the end of the event, there was a discussion where companies had the opportunity to present good practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as to get answers to their questions, which helped to exchange valuable experience with other representatives from different industries.