We celebrate the 1st year of our project

Report_ASAP celebrates one year since the partnership started to work towards the development of a wide set of tools, training courses and trainers’ guide addressed to accountants, managers and other staff of SMEs, VET trainees and VET trainers/teachers, in order to help them adopt sustainable accounting and reporting practices in a cost-effective way in their everyday business.

We are in the process of developing the training course, which will include the following overarching modules composed of sub-modules:

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Accounting: Introduction to Sustainability, Basics of Sustainability Accounting, Key enablers of sustainability inside the company
  2. Legal framework and EU directives: EU Directives, National Regulations
  3. The social dimension of sustainability: Community, Employees, Responsible Products
  4. The environmental dimension of sustainable accounting: Energy, Waste Management, Water, Pollution
  5. The economic dimension of sustainable accounting: Financial benefits, Non-Financial benefits
  6. Report design guidelines: Report design guidelines, Internal & External communication.

Stay with us and find out this year's developments. We will keep you posted on our Results page!