The First Step

Author: John Bill, Managing Director at Flux Innovations

The first step is the hardest… For my team and my company, the first big sale is the hardest. Over the course of a few years I have learnt that choosing your opportunities is more key than you think. Rather than taking every opportunity that comes up, I am having to prioritise out of a few things.

At Staffordshire University, there is the possibility for me to work on an amazing project on a volunteer basis. This project is Report Asap, assisting SME’s in their understanding and use of Sustainability Accounting to maximise its benefits. ACCA report that the use of Sustainability Accounting has been growing rapidly in the private sector. This is certainly something that is becoming more popular and may well become a legal requirement in the future. The Report ASAP project is certainly well timed and is something that is sorely needed for the masses. This project has many organisations involved such as… Asserted KnowledgeBusiness School PARCIVIC ComputingEurocrea Merchant and more. 

Another area I am having to spend my time on, and is in my evaluations, is my own company Flux Innovations. Over the last few months, my team and I have taken an old school approach in reaching out to potential companies to work with. This has started well and we are in negotiations with a brilliant company to start our work on their growth and expansion. That is one area of the company that is underway and one that we are very excited about. Another area we are pursuing, which is also my main skill within Flux, is networking. Through this, we have a few very interesting and big prospects ahead - the possibility to pursue these is something that we may not want to give up.

Through all of these opportunities I do not want to disappoint anyone, but my time is not able to be split over all of these projects. That is why I am learning to prioritise.