Fundacion General Universidad de Granada

The Fundacion General Universidad de Granada is not for profit private institution created in 1989 with the objective of promoting the permanent connection channels between the University of Granada and its nearest socio-productive context.

The Fundacion General Universidad de Granada is an entity specialized in the design, organization, and development of training actions for graduate and postgraduate students. The Foundación also fosters strategies oriented to promote the lifelong learning between professionals, companies, and organizations of its nearest context. 

Moreover, the Foundación develops regional, national, and transnational projects oriented to encourage the integration of unemployed in the labour market, especially university graduates as well as the promotion of the self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Finally, in the area of innovation, the Foundación supports the creation of spin-offs and start-ups and offers technological advice to firms and researchers for the development of R+D+I projects. 

The Fundacion General Universidad de Granada has: 

  • More than 25 years committed with training. 
  • Organised more than 2.500 training actions. 
  • More than 137.000 students. 
  • More than 50 nationalities between our students.
  • More than 70 collaborative companies for the realization of placements. 
  • More than 15 transnational projects in the last five years in collaboration with more than 30 recognized European public and private institutions.