RUSE Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization for the public benefit providing wide range of quality services to over 1000 member and non-member companies to help develop and expand their businesses, both at home and internationally. It aims at supporting, encouraging, representing and defending the economic interests of the business and assisting in the strengthening of its economic and market relations. It encourages the entrepreneurship and supports local businesses in developing their potential and capacity to go on the domestic and international market.

RCCI has an extensive experience in project management and implementation under various EU and other funding programmes (incl.  LdV, FP7, Programmes for territorial cooperation, USAID, H2020, etc.), all initiatives related with entrepreneurial support and promotion, sustainable business development, environmental awareness for business, favouring and support of innovation, etc.

RCCI is the first chamber of commerce established in Bulgaria in 1890. Currently it is a part of the nation-wide network of the Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce and EBN network.